JioSaavn Pro APK Mod 8.11.1 Download (Pro + Unlocked)

A brief history of the genesis of Music:

A recent study report has shown that every person spent an average of 18 hours solely listening to music weekly; therefore, it goes without saying that music is an important part and parcel of our modern lifestyle. Music serves a lot of benefits for us such as fixing mood, removing depression or anxiety, increasing memory capacity, creating a focus on work and so on and so forth. The Relationship between humankind and music was established way before we could think of it. Have you ever heard about “Hurrian Hymn No. 6”, which is considered to be the name of the world’s first melody? This was created on a clay tablet 3400 years ago. After our ancestors mastered the way of creating music there was another necessity that rose was to store the music and play it later. To serve that purpose one great man from France named Thomas Edison invented the first music player both with recording and playback features in 1877 and called it PHONOGRAPH. JioSaavn Pro APK Mod 8.11.1 Download (Pro + Unlocked).

Followed by the Phonograph there was the invention of the Gramophone, Radio Player, and CD player. With the help of science and development in technology, music was switched to web music. In the very beginning, there was YouTube, which serves the purpose of playing music with videography. With the innovation of Personal Computers like laptops, desktops, tablets, etc, and mobile phones music was stored in memory and played with music player applications. However, nowadays enjoying music has evolved to web music where similarly to YouTube you can stream music.

The most rudimentary reason that music streaming platforms and applications have gained such popularity is that you do not have to download and store your favorite music; whereas, you can listen to any music anytime anywhere depending on your taste and mood. In modern times JioSaavn is the best web music site you can rely on to quench your thirst for music. Uncountable filter options, multiple language choices, and a magnificent user interface are the attributes that make JioSaavn the most premium and user-friendly web music portal of its time. 

About JioSaavn:

JioSaavan is an Indian regional web music service founded in 2007 where anyone can stream music. This platform also works as a digital distributor of Hindi music in every region of India throughout all around the world. The company was first named Saavn at the beginning and later changed to JioSaavan in December 2018 when it started a joint venture with JioMusic. Similar to many other web music platforms, JioSaavn has two versions, one is free for every user. The freemium version comes with advertisements and limited features. Users who will pay for the premium subscription will have access to special features like top-notch streaming quality and the ability to download the music to listen offline without having an internet connection. If you are among the 92% of people who love Bollywood music then JioSaavn is definitely worthy of your subscription to stay tuned to all the Hindi music of all the Hindi regional languages.

Why should you avail yourself of JioSaavn:

If you are a Hindi music lover then there are plenty of reasons that you should be a user of JioSaavn. Let’s discuss these features in brief.

  • Aesthetic UI:

Undoubtedly, JioSaavn has one of the best User Interfaces of all the web music portals. Along with aesthetics, the UI is pretty simple to understand and use. You do not need to have a degree to understand and utilize every feature of JioSaavn. At the top left there is the JioSaavn logo and beneath it, there are organized buttons for Songs, Albums, and Artists. If you are not a person who loves to spend time creating playlists and arrange your music there is a history button where all your played music will be stored as a playlist. JioSaavn is also a great platform for listeners who are more into podcasts.

  • Numerous numbers of filter options: 

There is hardly any other web music platform that offers so many filter options as JioSaavn does. This is one of the greatest features of JioSaavn. Following are the filter criteria of JioSaavn.

  • Top Artists:

Many of us are fans of different artists and prefer to listen to their songs only. For instance, if you are a fan of Arijit Sing you can filter your JioSaavn and it will only play the songs of Arijit Sing for you.  

  • Top Actors:

You are a fan of SRK and love anything that he leaps sings? No worries, your highness we have got you covered. In JioSaavn we can play only the songs of SRK for you and just like Captain America said “We can do this all day”.

  • Browse option:

This filter option is for those people who love to stay up-to-date with the trend. In this section, you can get all the weekly trending music, monthly trending audio tracks, songs that are trending on radio, etc.  

  • Devotional Songs:

There was a time when the purpose of music was only to serve the purpose of entertainment. However, those days are long gone now music can also open the window to spirituality. From Gajal to Bhajan, we serve everything for you. For Sikhs there are Bhajans, For Muslin Sufis there are Qawwalis, even for the Assamese people we have Borgeet. Any devotional music you name it if it is from India, you can find it in JioSaavn. 

  • Languages:

This is the Showstopper feature of JioSaavn. What JioSaavn is mostly known for is its language variety. Every Indian regional language and its songs are available in JioSaavn. If any Bollywood artist has a song in English, you can get it here. Your favorite Indian artist sang a song in English or any local language you can listen to it here. The languages available in JioSaavn are as following:

  • Hindi 
  • Rajasthani
  • Haryanvi 
  • Assamese 
  • Kannada 
  • Gujarati 
  • Marathi 
  • Odia 
  • Malayalam 
  • Bengali 
  • Punjabi 
  • Bhojpuri
  • Tamil 
  • Telugu 

This is not where it stops though there will also be an option available where you can add more language to the existing list. 

  • Artist Originals: 

Here you can find all the songs from Web Series, TV-Serials, or any other OTT platforms and other places. 

Different versions of JioSaavn:

JioSaavn for Android:

This version is available for any version of Android and is available to be downloaded in playstore for free with a rating of 4.2 stars ★.

JioSaavn for iOS:

The iOS version of JioSaavn is available on the App Store with a rating of 3.6 stars ★. However, unlike the Android version, there are some limitations to the iOS version. Not every version of iOS is compatible with JioSaavn. The compatibility requirements for apple devices are following;

iOS compatibility requirement for JioSaavn
Seller Saavn Media Private Limited
iPhone Required iOS version is 12.3 or higher
iPad Required iPadOS version is 12.3 or higher
iPod touch Required iOS version is 12.3 or higher
Mac Required macOS version is 11.0 or higher.

Additional requirement is that the Mac must have Apple M1 chip or higher.

JioSaavn Pro:

This is the premium version of JioSaavn where you will have to pay a certain amount of subscription fee to get the best out of this application. Pro users will get the following benefits from JioSaavn pro;

  • Add-free Music:

For pro users, the application is completely advertisement free. You can enjoy your music journey without any interruption. 

  • Exclusive Contents:

Pro users will get access to all the premium podcasts and exclusive shows offered by JioSaavn. 

  • Premium Audio Quality:

People with subscriptions will also get differences in audio quality. All the songs and podcasts have an audio frequency of 320kbps.

  • Multiple Device log-in:

Similar to Netflix premium subscription if you pay for a JioSaavn Pro subscription you can log in to up to 5 devices simultaneously.

  • Unlimited Download:

In the pro version, you can download as many songs as you want and can listen to them offline. The songs will also be downloaded in 320kbps bitrate.

  • Alexa Compatibility: 

Alexa is a device that needs no introduction at all. Alexa is a virtual assistant device from Amazon that works on voice commands. It is mostly used for playing music. JioSaavn is fully compatible with Alexa.

  • Sonos:

Although Sonos is not that widely popular among people of our country; however, it is also a great device that serves to play music. This music player is especially renowned for multi-room audio. JioSaavn is also compatible with Sonos. 

  • Apple Watch:

The most promising web music application JioSaavn is also compatible with the most exquisite smart watch.

  • Chromecast:

Chromecast is a streaming device from Google, which is used for audio/video streaming. 

  • Personalized playlists

Music is a form of entertainment that depends on mood and time. The songs you would like to listen to when you are depressed are not the same as you would like to listen to when you are on cloud nine. The songs you will listen to while working out and the songs you like to listen to while traveling are not the same. To serve this difference in taste at different times Personalized Playlist is the function you would love to use. Personalized playlists can only be created with a JioSaavn Pro subscription.

Frequently asked Questions:

How many devices can be logged in with one JioSaavn Pro account?

If you pay a subscription fee for one account you can use that subscription for 5 of your devices at the same time. 

What is the process of canceling the JioSaavn Pro subscription?

Subscription for the JioSaavn Pro account can be done from different processes and websites. You can unsubscribe to your premium account from the same website you paid your subscription fee from. In order to unsubscribe from the premium version of the application different steps need to be followed for the mobile version and desktop version.

  • If you have paid your subscription bill through Google Play Store. Then follow the mentioned steps to unsubscribe.
  • For Mobile version:

  1. First of all, open Google Play.
  2. Press Menu.
  3. Tap on “My Subscriptions” option.
  4. Find Saavn and click on it.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and select “Cancel Subscription”.
  • For Desktop Version:

For the desktop version, the procedures are the same. One thing to be made sure of that is the logged-in Gmail account should be the same with which the subscription was paid.

  • If your subscription fee was paid through iTunes then follow the given instructions:
  • For Mobile Version:

  1. Go to iOS device Settings. 
  2. Find “iTunes & App Stores”
  3. Click on your Apple ID.
  4. A pop-up menu will be visible, select “View Apple ID” from the list. 
  5. You will now be in your “Account Settings” page
  6. Select the section marked as “Subscriptions”
  7. Under “Active” tab select “Saavn”
  8. Lastly tap on “Cancel Subscription” located at the nadir. 
  • For Desktop Version:

  1. Open iTunes app on your computer.
  2. Sign in with the Apple ID you subscribed JioSavvn with. 
  3. Choose “Account”
  4. Tap on “View My Account”
  5. First select the “Select” then tap on “Subscription”
  6. “Edit” option should be available on the right-hand side of Saavn. Click on it.
  7. Finally tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option and you are done.  
  • If you subscribed through JioSaavn from then follow the given steps. 
  1. From desktop browser go to
  2. Tap on the profile icon.
  3. Select Account Setting.
  4. There should be a grey tab visible labeled as Subscriptions, tap on it.
  5. Finally cancel. 

If you once unsubscribe from JioSaavn Pro you can again purchase a subscription anytime you feel like having a premium account. 

Is the subscription fee refundable if I want to unsubscribe?

The subscription fee can not be returned after purchase. You will have to wait till the subscription period gets over. 

Where can I share my problems or suggestions for JioSaavn? 

If you have any questions to ask you can go to to submit your query. On this site, there is a set of questions set as default. Apart from them if you have further questions. You can submit your question in the search box and get the answer.  

Feedback is always appreciated by team jioSaavn. If you want to do any constructive criticism or give some appreciation for our service you can mail us at

What is the cost price of a sss monthly subscription? 

Visit and select the country you are using our service from. At the bottom, you will find “How much does JioSaavn cost”. Click on that and you will be redirected to the information about the cost of the subscription.